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"Our Birthday Party"

www.birthdayparty.com.my is the latest creation of Dato Tan, the founder of Gold Coast International Resort. With combined efforts of Gold Coast Morib International Resort, Gold Coast Malacca International Resort and various business partner, we gather all the people who were born on the same day, in the same month and even in ther same year to have a birthday bash together. This will be an extraordinary birthday party for every Malaysian and traveler.

Price from RM 99 only, "Our Birthday Party" is first in the world, and will be held at 2 large international resorts in Malaysia. We will continuosly celebrate "Our Birthday Party" for 365 days to create a new world Guinness Record of Most Birthday Parties Resort in the world.

After 365 days have come to an end, there will be a certificate award ceremony to be held at Gold Coast Morib International Resort to each birthday participant.

There will be also be lucky draw, including sponsored prizes, cash prizes worth more than RM 2 million, "Our birthday party" also allows birthday participants family members to join the celebration, any additional room requires additional RM 100, whilst two-room apartment needs additional RM 200, three-room apartment will cost extra RM 300, luxury loft will be charged for additional RM 800.

"Our Birthday Party" Promo Voucher will soon be launched on birthdayparty.com.my. During our 15-day pre-launching promotion, you can purchase "Our Birthday Party" Promo voucher/package for only RM99.

• The details of the promotion are: first 10 packages will be sold at RM99 each daily, subsequent 10 packages at RM109 each, then next 10 packages at RM119 each, and so on up to the 20th 10-package at RM299 each package.
• "Our Birthday Party" packages are is filled with meaning and surprise. This is a “once-in-alifetime” birthday celebration experience, where you can meet friends from different places, of different culture and ages but celebrate the same birthday as you! The package includes: 
 ➢ 1) Double deluxe suite equipped with birthday decorations 
 ➢ 2) Birthday breakfast (special) for 2 persons 
 ➢ 3) 3:30 pm water park birthday party (beverages and cake provided) 
 ➢ 4) "My birthday party" in the evening (dinner included) 
 ➢ 5) collective cake cutting session 
 ➢ 6) birthday present and photo 
 ➢ 7) lucky draw 
 ➢ 8) “Big joy”. Worth nearly RM1,000 free food + accommodation package

Our Birthday Party Launching Ceremony with Menteri Besar Selangor Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Bin Ali, and GCR Founder Dato Tan on 21 Jan 2018, Gold Coast Morib Internation Resort.

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